Graphic Design

We have a team of experienced Graphic Designers to execute our clients’ design preferences and to support our clients with their last minute modifications before printing.

To ensure that we can go with the current trends of design, our designers are constantly sent on courses to update and refresh both their creativity and their skills.

We will work together with our clients to tailor campaigns that suit their budget. Therefore, whether you are looking for a brand new idea and concept or just a graphic designer to provide you with your graphic editing and modification, our team will be able to help.

3D Design & Animation

Using the latest 3D & animation design softwares, such as AutoCAD, 3D MAX, Illustrator, After Effects, KaseMake, etc., the team is able to create from scratch, 3D designs for projects as simple as a point of sale displays or a premium gift design, to things as complex as booth structural designs and festive decoration designs.

In recent years, the team have ventured into learning and creating movements and animation. This allows us to now confidently provide animation advertising options to our clients.

Be it a small movement effect on the advertising screen or a multi-minute long full fledge animation, our creative designers would be able to design it for you.

Branding Design

Our clients come to us with a variety of requests. From simple logo designing to an entire brand portfolio design, our team has been able to produce the designs that keep our customers satisfied..

Combining the teams designing skills and the state of the art machinery, we are able to create impressive samples and mock-ups for our client to have a better visualisation.

With a team that has the perfect blend of experience and creativity, working with us would be an exceptional experience.