In the latest April issue of HRM, Ngai Heng Pte Ltd’s HR Director, Ms. Ida Lee did our company proud by having her write up featured on page 55 of the HRM magazine, with an article about employee engagement, “How do you motivate staff without raising their salaries?”.

Below is the write up done by her:

This question has caused me to reflect on whether our organisation has been running an efficient and effective system over the past 30 years.

Being a player in Asian’s economy is like taking a roller coaster ride.

When faced with the downward slide motion, the organisation’s safety belt has to harness and motivate staff with its values, vigour and vision.

Values are the fundamental key towards bringing staff of various department to work cohesively and continue the smooth productive levels. We introduced “Breakfast Bonding Time” once every month, where two departments will create their own synergy outside the working environment.

Last year, our company won a monetary award as one of the best partners of Postal Services. In recognition of our team’s fast turnaround service, the awards and subsidy were given as an incentive trip to Indonesia for 40 staff.

HR paid plenty of attention to providing every employee a memorable and exciting annual event. Food, fun and lucky draws were extended to staff and their family members.

Our vision is to diversify our products and services, and at the same time train our people in the new technologies and equipment that the company has invested in.

On our next lap upward, we will be ready to go forward with new challenges, rewards, and a fruitful future.

Ida Lee
HR Director,
Ngai Heng