Variable Information Printing

With a team of dedicated staff in this department, we are able to harness variable databases that our clients send to us and use our digital print devices and highly effective software to create highly customised, high quality print products.

Having a high level of customisation allows our customers to not only print variable names and addresses on their print collaterals, they will also be able to customise their print collaterals to the specific taste or liking of their client, achieving a personalised touch, thus creating customer loyalty.

We have invested in the latest data protection technology and created a highly secure printing safe room for variable information printing. This can only be accessed by the authorised staff through finger print recognition. All these security measures give our clients assurance and a peace of mind.

Letter Shopping

We understand that variable information printing and letter shopping goes hand in hand, therefore at Ngai Heng Pte Ltd. we provide a comprehensive range of letter shopping services to our clients. From automated folding, machine inserting to manual insertion, we have all the machineries and capacity to fulfil all these different types of demand.

We have a dedicated department for manual insertion to tackle odd sized or complicated direct mailers and a team of operators operating the folding machines. We recently acquired a state of the art inserting machine that enables us to machine insert more than 18,000 letters per hour.

Over the years, our commitment to our craft has helped us to achieve the Singpost MARS Award 2012/13 for Best Venus Partner, marking a new level of quality and excellence that we have accomplished.