About Ngai Heng

Who Are We?

We are one of the leaders in the printing and advertising industry.We are famed for our efficiency, creativity, exceptional quality and price competitivity. We have achieved numerous recognition including ISO 12647 & BizSafe level 4.

We have an office space of up to 50,000 sq-ft in Singapore.With our strong and proficient team, we are always operational ready everyday of the week and we will be able to meet all your advertising and printing needs.

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Why Choose Us

50+ years experience

We’re more than 50+ years experience running on our business!

Quality Printing

By keeping up to date with technology, we can maintain a consistently high quality of print. We service and maintain our printers to a high standard of operation!

Competitive Pricing

We are able to keep our pricing very competitive. This competitiveness is part of our promise to our customers to provide high quality printing at a reasonable price.

Our Services

With our industry leading printing technology and experience, various corporations and agencies, both local and overseas, have constantly sought us for our products and services. The list of quality printing collaterals that we are able to deliver is diverse.

Our Subsidaries...

Ngai Heng Media Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Ngai Heng Pte Ltd. This company was established to allow Ngai Heng to provide a one-stop marketing solution to all our valued clients. Ngai Heng Media is in charge of the designing, fabrication and installing of all non-print related advertising collaterals.

From festive decorations, exhibition set up to LED screen animations, it can all be found here at Ngai Heng Media. With Ngai Heng Media complimenting Ngai Heng Pte Ltd, our customers would be able to enjoy the benefits of working with a truly complete marketing and printing solutions provider.

Our Clients