Ngai Heng Pte Ltd (hereafter named, “Ngai Heng”) is committed to the highest standards of integrity and ethics when conducting business.

This Code of Conduct (“CODE”) sets out the standards of conduct whereby Ngai Heng expects all its current and potential suppliers providing goods and services to Ngai Heng.

A supplier refers to any individual or business that supplies goods or services to Ngai Heng’s business, and includes all persons employed by the supplier, as well as sub-contractors and service providers engaged by the supplier (collectively, “Third Parties”).

In addition, it is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure that all Third Parties understand and comply with this Code. The supplier’s compliance with this Code will be assessed by Ngai Heng and considered in the selection criteria for the purchase of any goods and services. Failure to adhere to the Code may be grounds for Ngai Heng to terminate the supplier relationship, depending on the circumstances and the seriousness of the violation.

For the avoidance of doubt, this Code does not create any binding obligations on Ngai Heng. We reserve the right to modify this Code in line with our company compliance program and we expect our suppliers to accept all such changes. In addition, this Code does not represent a complete set of the suppliers’ obligations and requirements in relation to Ngai Heng. All suppliers are requested to review their specific agreements (for example, purchase orders, terms and conditions, etc.) with Ngai Heng for any additional obligation and requirement.

1          Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Suppliers undertake that they will comply with all laws and regulations that apply to them in the countries that their operations are based, and where they provide goods and services to Ngai Heng. These include, but are not limited to labour and employment laws, financial and business records are correctly maintained and that fair c