POP Display Design
POP Display DesignPOP Display DesignPOP Display Design

POP Display

POP Display Design POP Display Design is one powerful branding and advertising tool. With print collaterals still plays a powerful role in placing your brand in front of your customers. POP display offers your prospect customers a chance to linger over your product and its message in a way that other channels don’t. This also…

LED lightbox,LED screen
LED screenLED screenLED lightbox,LED screen

LED Screen Display

LED Screen Singapore, Digital Display Advertising Digital Display are great for advertising and creating brand awareness. You can display it in the store front, and basically anywhere. Ngai Heng sales team are experience in all types of prints, and so they will understand your business style and marketing needs, They will provide advice to help…

Kapaline Print
Kapaline PrintKapaline Print, kapaline mockupKapaline Print

Kapaline Print

Kapaline Mock up / Direct Print Kapaline Print Singapore, Kapaline Mockup Print still plays a powerful role in placing your brand in front of your customers. It can be a powerful tool, either in your branding, marketing, or advertising toolkit. Print advertising connects more on an emotional level with readers than digital. It offers readers…

hoarding stickers
hoarding stickershoarding stickershoarding stickers

Hoarding Stickers

Hoarding Stickers Hoarding stickers are commonly use as advertisement for the pre-opening of shops and events. You can see them in shopping malls, or used by property developer as advertisement for the new project developments. Print advertising still plays a powerful role in presenting your brand to your customers. Hoarding stickers can be a powerful…

hanging mobile
hanging mobilehanging mobile